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    A mind calculation method for mental arithmetic and Brain Development training. It helps to enhance your kids memory power and step ahead on their brain exercise.

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    3801, GE Road, Ste 2A,Bloomington, IL 61704

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    AT 5PM
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More about Learn Abacus

Children from age 5 to 15 years are eligible to learn Abacus. They need not use calculator or computer to learn. Abacus is the best way for all children to learn how to calculate without using a computer, calculator, pencil and papers.

We have 9 levels of Abacus learning which starts with Bud level and from Level 1 to Level 9.

By end of this program, Children will be able to handle arithmetic calculations of multiple digits in seconds without calculator.

Touchwood Learning is the only and unique place to learn Abacus in Bloomington/Normal Area.

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Customer Reviews...

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    • Inbaraja – August-11-2017
    Only place to learn Abacus in Bloomington. Very good staff and I can see the improvement on my kid's math skill